How we work with Navigators and MSPs

Eco-Movement is the most complete platform for charge point location data in Europe, with (dynamic data) connections with the majority of charge point operators in Europe. Eco-Movement is fully independent and has no ownership ties with other players in the EV industry (directly, nor indirectly via its investors). Eco-Movement is fully focused on charge point location data and is not a CPO, MSP or roaming/payment provider.

The major navigators in Europe and many MSPs chose Eco-Movement as their selected source for charge point location data in Europe. Eco-Movement improves and uniforms the data, and also adds information that is relevant to EV drivers. This way, navigation providers and MSPs receive ‘navigation-ready’ data and are able to provide EV drivers with the best possible navigation experience.

Over 80% of charge point data received from CPOs is improved in some way or another. This can be GPS adjustments, operator names, charge power corrections, or filtering out “status noise”.

By using machine learning, we also add relevant information, such as charge station accessibility, opening times, and much more.

Service that we provide to Navigators and MSPs
– The highest quality dynamic charge point location data in a uniform way, in one single feed, ‘navigation-ready’
– Additional information relevant to EV drivers, continuously adding new features
– Real-time connections, sub-second data transfer and no interruptions
– Customized map that can be embedded on MSPs website

Onboarding is easy and only takes a couple of hours
– Highly experienced development team, managing over 70 connections
– Clear and straight forward onboarding process

Are you a navigation provider or an MSP and interested to become a partner?
Please contact us at +31 (0)85-30 36 743 or, and we can discuss how we can work together.