Custom embedded map

Especially for companies or municipalities that want a good and reliable interactive map on their website, and do not want to develop on the Eco-Movement API there is the possibility to make use of the Eco-Movement interactive embedded map. See example below:


The labels in the menus and explanation of the icons can be made in any language and can be set as desired.
The zoom level and the area and/or ​​the country that is zoomed in can also be set.

Iframe code

This custom embedded map can easily be added to your company or municipality website by copy and paste the code below into your website.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="750" height="900" scrolling="no" src="" ></iframe>

Getting started

If you are interested in a custom embedded map, you can contact us. Eco-Movement will set-up the logo and send a token that can be used in the iframe code and the code can be placed on the website.